Progress Continues

WineThe processes of wine production are being tested and perfected. A lot has been learned through classwork completed at the Missouri Wine School at the University of Missouri and the study of practices of regional craftsmen.

The photo above shows some of the light and white wines that are being distributed for evaluation. Although the labels and caps have not been applied I can list the types of wines in this photo from left to right; the four on the left side are “High Meadow Pear” and the one on the right is “Early Persimmon”.

Being in the high Ozarks, our production will be directed toward the Traditional Wines of the Ozarks. My family migrated from the east in the late 1800’s and for some reason settled in the Ozarks a few miles west of Branson. I always joked that they must have had wagon trouble causing them to stop on such poor ground for agriculture. They were strong, tough people who learned how to make the best of this rocky mountain land. I can remember my great-grandmother (who lived to be 103) cooking miraculous meals on an old wood burning kitchen stove. She made wonderful pies from fruits found and grown in the hills, breads, cookies with hickory nuts, pecans and walnuts as well as many flavors of jams and jellies, all gathered from their area.

Our goal at Twain’s Vineyard is to resurrect the culture of the Ozarks thru Granny’s home-made wines. We are developing wines such as the Pear and Persimmon shown in the photo above as well as Dandelion, Elderberry, Blackberry, Wild Plum, Wild Black Raspberry, Huckleberry, Watermelon, Peach, Strawberry and Chokeberry.

Persimmon ChokeberryThe photos above show Persimmon and Chokeberries, both native grown on our property. Each of these fruits make excellent as well as healthy and beautiful wines.

We have set a target for Grand Opening. We may begin operations commercially before the Grand Opening but August 21, 2017 will be the big celebration. This celebration will be punctuated with a total eclipse of the sun directly over our property. The Path Of Totality for this extremely rare event is only 20 miles wide and passes directly over the winery.

Renee and I promise to add information to this site much more often. Remember it is just the two of us doing all the construction as well as the agricultural work here at the vineyard / winery. I am attaching another picture of the main structure below, as you can see not much has changed on the outside but a lot has been done inside. We still need to start the 16′ x full width sun deck that comes off the back side.

When completed we will have a great place to experience the true beauty of the Ozark Highlands. It will be a secluded slice of nature, great for finding peace and solitude or hosting events such as weddings, birthdays, mountain music events or reunions.

You are welcome to come check on our progress at any time and if you are really energetic bring tools.

Dan & Renee Hopper



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