Progress Week Ending Feb 24, 2013

The 32 x 56′ Pavilion is now complete. The concrete floor is curing and will be ready for tables and chairs by the end of February.


Finished Pavilion

Finished Pavilion


The drilling company is under contract and is waiting for a break in the weather. The well will be about 300 feet deep and will offer water for irrigation as well as the Main Tower Structure.

Loners Concrete Contractors – (the company that did the slab for the Pavilion) is contracted to form, pour, and finish the foundation and floor for the main structure.

Approximately 60 tons of white rock have been applied to the 1/4 mile long main access road. Cedar posts are cut for the split log fence that will border the sides of the main road. This decorative fencing will be planted with grapes or mulberries for berry production, as well as, providing a pleasing appearance.

The power company “Ameren” is scheduled to construct an underground 400 AMP service with dedicated transformer.

We are acquiring bids for the lumber, joists, rafters etc. for construction of the Main Tower Structure.

The ground is presently snow-covered with rain scheduled toward the end of the week. Prospects do not look good for heavy equipment access but the ground is soft and perfect for post driving along the main road. THAT’S ALL FOR NOW – THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST.

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