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1 Bar                2 House

Twains Vineyard is a privately owned “Future Business” located about 12 miles southwest of Belgrade MO at 10280 Slaughterhouse Road. Our location is quite remote but it offers of one of the most scenic views in the Ozark’s, especially from our hilltop observation tower.

This future business is being developed by Dan and Renee Hopper. Our intention is to showcase Authentic Ozark Mountain Craft Fruit Wines and provide a venue for events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Catering is available through a caterer located in historic Caledonia MO. We have a 32’ x 56” outdoor pavilion. We also have a spacious tasting room with a large bar and seating. Our tasting facility is air-conditioned and constructed with new clean restrooms for men and women that are designed to be Handicap Accessible. We also have rooms for overnight lodging that are about 80% complete at this date.

Although the original intent was to produce Fine French Hybrid Wines we have decided to concentrate on Fruit Wine made from fruits native to our Ozark Mountains.

My Great Grandmother Fountain made these wines starting in the late 1800’s. Our wines are all very fruity and sweet. They are pleasing to the palate and aromatic.

Modern winemaking procedures are incorporated into these old family recipes that were learned while attending workshops offered by the Missouri Wine School at the University of MO in Columbia.

All varieties are meticulously crafted in small batches to insure superior quality.

These wine are all produced using distilled water and locally grown (most coming from our property) hand inspected fruits.

The following is a list of the very limited quantity variations:

Plum          Chokeberry          Elderberry          Pear          Percinnamon

Strawberry          Peach          Persimmon          Wild Black Raspberry          Blackberry

The quantity of these varieties are extremely limited due to the availability of local fruit and the enormous amount of time and labor involved in production.

We would love for you to sample our wines, free of charge, at our facility.

Please plan a visit; we need your suggestions and opinions while this future business is being developed.

Thanks Dan & Renee Hopper

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